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Mental Yoga

Free Your Mind

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Guided Meditation Course - Alpha Brain Waves Foundation Training


This program will start you on the path of letting go of covid trauma, anxiety, ptsd, stress, tension, to live the life on your terms and be free to do whatever you put your mind to - stack the odds in your favour.

Success comes from being fearless, not limited by beliefs and concepts, from healthy self-esteem. Practically, once these limitations are removed the courage and abilities and synchronicities come by themselves. By removing limitations we discover strength.

Placing yourself in the state of Alpha brain waves creates conditions for all of the above. In this program you learn and train to be in Alpha brain waves. You empower yourself towards greatness.

This program was created by Elvira Byrnes - a mind coach, an acupuncturist, a meditator and an IT professional - the result of 20 years of studying, practicing, meditating, healing oneself and others, and having an intention to come up with a program that can be a foundational step towards personal freedom from limitations of thoughts, perceptions and emotions.

What you get in the download:

  • Introductory audio
  • 8 audio lessons of various lengths - 1 lesson per week of daily practice
  • a text guide of the lessons
  • bonus video of a retreat
  • bonus meditation audio for self practice


Lesson 1 - Major Alpha Rewiring - 27 m
Lesson 2 - Discovering Space - 11 m
Lesson 3 - In the Present Moment - 17 m
Lesson 4 - All About Eyes - 12 min
Lesson 5 - Space of Emotions - 20 min
Lesson 6 - Calm Your Emotions - 10 min
Lesson 7 - Make Friends with Anger - 20 min
Lesson 8 - Love As The Way - 36 min
Bonus Audio - Retreat - 30 min
Bonus Audio - 1 hr - music 538Hz to reduce anxiety and tension and heal the body and mind while you maintain awareness of space

Please note, as downloads cannot be returned, the course is non-refundable. The course is not a substitute for medical advice and is intended for your personal educational purposes. It is not designed to diagnose or treat any condition or disease. By purchasing and using it you agree to dispense the author of any and all liability for any and all consequences resulting. Consult your healthcare practitioner at all times. No results are guaranteed.